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We Clean



Tuition Centre

Vacuuming of

Floor Surfaces

Dusting of


Wiping Phones& Other Office Equipment



Mopping of

Floor Surfaces

Wiping of

Desks, Tables

Cleaning of




We provide post renovation cleaning service for any kind of building renovation project such as houses, offices, shoplots and others at Singapore. A post renovation cleaning service is necessary after the long process of renovation in order to clear up the crazy aftermath mess of renovation. Usually there is long list of cleaning work no matter internally or externally of a premise that must be performed after renovation so that your premise will be cleaned from dirt, dust and debris.

Our post renovation cleaning service has a ready workmanship to help you clear up the post renovation mess and make sure every corner of your house is spotlessly clean. Our professional post renovation cleaning service team will be focusing in removing the renovation dust and debris and carefully cleans the house for you to transfer in quickly. Our team will be using professional and effective cleaning equipment to aid in the cleaning process so that it can be done as quickly and properly as possible to avoid causing interruption to your scheduled activities. Rest assure you will easily and effortlessly get rid of the mess of after renovation with our professional post renovation cleaning service in Singapore.

Things to take note for

house renovation cleaning

It is necessary to make sure that all the renovation works and other contractor’s work (e.g.: air-con service, fixing curtain/blinds and plumbing) are finished before we come and clean for second time thorough cleaning. House will be dusty/dirty again even after thorough cleaning if the renovation works are still going on. Please plan and book house cleaning appointment date after the renovation works are totally completed.  It is important to make sure the PUB (water & electricity) supply is activated.

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Cleaning up your place after a party consumes a lot of time from your busy schedule. During the party season, cleaning your home before and after an event is a big headache. We are there to reduce your burden to a large extent by our professional cleaning services.

Excellent Housekeeping wants you to have an enjoyable and successful party every time in your life. Our professionals are always available to solve all your issues regarding party cleaning. We aim to satisfy our clients at any cost. If you need special assistance in cleaning up everything after a party or a social gathering, give us a call with no second thoughts.

It is recommended to pre-book our party cleaning services to confirm our attendance at your place after the event. Once we reach your address, you can completely relax and let us do all the cleaning activities.

The services included :-

Cleaning up your kitchen areas

Washing all your dishes and glassware

Putting furniture back in the right places

Emptying trash and keeping it to the dustbins

Breaking down chairs and tables and place everything in place to return any rented chairs, tables or linen.

Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping all floors.

Bathroom Cleaning





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